Trump renews defense of his call with Taiwan leader
- December 07, 2016

So, while it was a surprise to China and many in the United States government, Trump's advisers are claiming it was calculated. Looking forward, Mr Trump's propensity to make foreign policy decisions on the spur of the moment is likely to inject turbulence into ties with China. (more...)
Iran warns of reaction to renewal of decades-old sanction
- December 02, 2016

The leaders say Mr. Obama shouldn't waive sanctions , grant new commerce licenses or issue new guidance to companies about doing business legally in Iran . However, some opponents in Congress have changed earlier opinions that the agreement should be canceled. Iran has dramatically reduced the scale of its nuclear infrastructure - reconfiguring a heavy water nuclear reactor and a deeply buried uranium enrichment facility, for example - while keeping a limited capacity to ... (more...)
Norwegian vies with Russian at World Chess Championship
- December 02, 2016

Carlsen, of Norway, thus wins his third world championship match. "I hadn't won in 10 games and that hadn't happened to me before". Carlsen retained his title on Wednesday night by winning the best-of-four speed games with two wins and two draws. (more...)
Saudis to cut oil output by 0.5 million bpd in OPEC deal
- December 02, 2016

The structure of the deal will be more important because OPEC has continuously increased output in the past few months, hence any cut, amounting to less than 1 million barrels a day is unlikely to support prices for too long. "In the draft of our 2017 budget, we've agreed only to lower our oil production next year by 5,000 barrels from the level in 2016". All eyes are now on whether the OPEC deal will hold together. (more...)
Figures show Cyber Monday still the year's biggest sales day
- December 01, 2016

Since many retailers begin posting information online or send out advertisements about sale items far in advance of Black Friday , shoppers should pay attention to each retailer's offerings so they can better coordinate their shopping efforts. (more...)
Trump summons Romney for 2nd look as staffers squabble Trump summons Romney for 2nd look as staffers squabble
- November 30, 2016

His transition team has also considered Tennessee Sen. The Romney meeting, in particular, takes place amid speculation that Trump could tap the 2012 GOP nominee, who'd trashed him during the 2016 race, for secretary of state - an idea Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has criticized in recent days on Twitter and in TV appearances. (more...)