Trump, Rubio And Cruz Compete For Support In The Silver State
- February 24, 2016

He has struggled to maintain his position in the race and came in slightly behind Mr. Rubio in SC, a state Mr. Cruz once seemed well positioned to win. After denying charges of dishonest tactics for several weeks, the Texas senator on Monday asked for the resignation of a senior aide who spread an inaccurate news report suggesting Rubio had criticized the Bible. (more...)
Snow, high winds in tonight's forecast; warmer weather coming
- February 24, 2016

Tuesday: Rain mainly before noon. The Wyoming Valley could see some mixed precipitation today and into Wednesday , but for the most part, it looks the rain will be the primary precipitation. High near 70. Breezy, with a south wind 10 to 15 miles per hour increasing to 17 to 22 miles per hour in the afternoon. The chance of rain doesn't let up Monday night as a low of 51 settles in but still carrying an 80 percent chance of rain. (more...)
Ben Carson says Obama was 'raised white' Ben Carson says Obama was 'raised white'
- February 24, 2016

Carson , who finished last in the SC primary Saturday, hasn't incorporated race much into his campaign, but as his popularity has dropped throughout the race to the White House he has begun to talk about the issue more. "It is the things that are done that elevate people , not things that impress people and make them dependent". "You know, I did not". "A young brother who grows up in a white context"? "All he has known culturally is white...When he meets an independent black brother, ... (more...)
Donald Trump widens national lead to 15 points over Marco Rubio
- February 24, 2016

The remaining two Republicans in the race, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Ohio Governor John Kasich, earned seven percent and five percent respectively. Few of those surveyed expressed uncertainty about their choice, preferring to select either "extremely" or "somewhat" certain. Since then, Carson has lost 21 points. (more...)
In Syria, heavy fighting cuts off road to city off Aleppo In Syria, heavy fighting cuts off road to city off Aleppo
- February 23, 2016

A Syrian man carrying grocery bags tries to dodge sniper fire as he runs through an alley near a checkpoint manned by the Free Syria Army in Aleppo. A day earlier, the Syrian state TV said the Syrian army captured parts of the road connecting Aleppo with al-Raqqa, adding that the Syrian forces fully secured the road in the areas of al-Ma'amel, through Aleppo's Thermal Station, and the airbase of Kweris in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. (more...)
Russia Criticizes Rejection of Syria Resolution Russia Criticizes Rejection of Syria Resolution
- February 22, 2016

While the document does not mention any country by name, it "strongly demands" an immediate end to cross-border fire and to any plans to send ground troops into Syria . Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and State Secretary John Kerry later explained the " modalities for a cessation of hostilities" have not yet been agreed on. (more...)