South Korea's ex-president hounded over dogs left at Blue House
- March 15, 2017

This is why the United States lacks a realistic option to militarily degrade the North's nuclear and missile capabilities without provoking Pyongyang to unleash its artillery power against Seoul or triggering an all-out war. "I can not understand why there should be such a hurry with this", he said, referring to the Park administration's decision to allow the instalment of the THAAD. (more...)
Immigration in spotlight as Dutch go to polls
- March 15, 2017

The Dutch voted in parliamentary elections Wednesday that are being closely watched for indications of the strength of far-right populism ahead of national elections in France and Germany later this year. "Because he influences other parties on immigration, on border control, and on refugees". Even if Rutte secures the first place, what is evident is that there will be no outright Dutch victor, with up to 15 parties having a realistic chance of winning a seat in parliament and none set to ... (more...)
AARP Opposes Health-Care Replacement Plan AARP Opposes Health-Care Replacement Plan
- March 15, 2017

The assessment found that under the legislation , older, poor adults in Los Angeles would get significantly less in federal financial support to put toward their insurance premiums than they do under the Affordable Care Act. Also, Congress should explore other ways to save money but not hurt people. Due to changes in employer responsibility, there would be 2 million fewer employees receiving coverage next year. (more...)
US sending attack drones to South Korea US sending attack drones to South Korea
- March 14, 2017

It's a task President Donald Trump complicated a year ago by challenging Japan and South Korea to contribute more to their own defense and questioning the fundamentals of four decades of USA diplomacy with China. What is perhaps more alarming for China, "The acquisition of THAAD by South Korea", says Richard Weitz at Hudson Institute, "is a first step in what needs to become an integrated defensive capability for the USA and its allies in the region". (more...)
Sam Warburton upbeat ahead of Wales v Ireland in Six Nations
- March 11, 2017

The scrum-half fed the ball wide and North barrelled through Simon Zebo and Keith Earls from 15 metres out to score. Rob Howley's men may have inadvertently nearly handed England the trophy but can be happy with their response after succumbing to the powers of Scotland in their previous Six Nations clash. (more...)
S.Korean stocks, won firmer as sentiment improves after impeachment S.Korean stocks, won firmer as sentiment improves after impeachment
- March 10, 2017

These and other accusations led to Choi's arrest last November at the same time that President Park appeared on national television to apologise to the Korean people for what she described at the time as her own "neglect". Hundreds of demonstrators , both for and against Park, have gathered outside the court, which was blockaded by police buses. The public opinion about Park saw a sharp decline, with her approval rating falling to a dismal 4 percent. (more...)